Disabled Woman Had The Perfect Reaction To Kylie Jenner’s Wheelchair Pic


When it comes to the Kardashians, life happens in extremes.

For example, this morning, Kim Kardashian welcomed newborn number two into the world, a beautiful tiny baby boy. Thats, patently, on the wonderful and amazing aim of the spectrum.

And then on the other aim is Kylie.

The youngest Jenner sister faced some serious backlash the coming week after her offensive wheelchair photo shoot for Interview magazine, and now, a disabled woman has come forward to recreate the shoot in an attempt to show the world what it actually means to be disabled.

Erin, who goes by petitetimidgayon Tumblr, posted an image of herself donning dominatrix gear beside the now infamous pic of Kylie in the wheelchair.

http :// petitetimidgay.tumblr.com/ post/ 13449096166 4/ i-tried-my-best-to-create-a-more-authentic-version

In a caption, she wrote,

I tried my best to create a more authentic version of Kylie Jenners interview cover give that Im, you know, actually disabled and a real life wheelchair user. I can scarcely get people to attain eye linked with me, let alone land a encompas shoot. If being in a wheelchair is trendy now, Ive apparently been a trendsetter since before Kylie was born.

Erins comment echoes those made by countless others on social media.

Emily Smith Beitiks, associate director for San Fransiscos Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability, “ve called the” shoot deeply disturbing…”

Others agree its disrespectful and problematic.

Hopefully, all the dispute will force art directors and models to think twice before publishing anything so blatantly insensitive in the future.

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