Dear Earth, Lady Gaga Is Dropping A New Album


Lady Gaga’s Golden Globes win for her performance in “American Horror Story: Hotel” is a tabula rasa. We is to be able to close the book on the “Artpop” era. #Praise. #Be.

Gaga’s third studio endeavour was a low point in a career of many highs — the singles never popped and the Botticelli-inspired aesthetic merely didn’t mesh with the content of the album. Also, R. Kelly. Ugh.

After 2014 ‘s “Cheek to Cheek, ” Gaga’s collaboration with legend Tony Bennett, however, the 29 -year-old proved to all those who doubted her abilities that she was back and better than ever. That Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album didn’t hurt either.

On the red carpet at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, Gaga teased her new album (!!!!) and hinted at when we can expect the new music to drop.

“I am putting out an album this year. I won’t tell you when, but it is coming out this year, ” she told reporters.

“Will it reflect my outer appearance … that’s a difficult thing to say as I don’t know that you yet know what I will look like for my next album, ” she added. “I am still creating all those things. It is something that is a gradual change that is always with me.”

One request, Gaga: The only good thing about “Artpop” was featuring the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in the “G.U.Y.” music video, so please, please, please can we get Ramona Singer on the next album?

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