Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos – digested read


John Crace takes a memoir by the bete noir of the far right, and cuts it down to size

This is the book people said couldnt be published because I was so dangerous. Well, you dont get to silence The Worlds Most Dangerous Faggot that easily. Have I said that I am dangerous? And a faggot? Thats because I am a dangerous faggot. Grrr. Be afraid. Very afraid. Or, failing that, just a bit bored.

So my $15m book deal got cancelled because a few snowflakes were a little upset about something I said about paedophilia. Well, diddums. Get over yourself. The truth cannot be silenced by Fake News. Lets get something straight: I never said it was OK for men to have sex with babies. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere and thats mine. All I said was that it was perfectly cool for men to have sex with 13-year-olds. What could possibly be controversial about that?

People are afraid of me because I am richer and more handsome than them. I also Love Using Capital Letters. Capital Letters Are so LIKE DANGEROUS. Donald Trump uses CAPITAL LetteRS a lot too, because he iS aLso daNGErouS. I like to call Donald TruMp Daddy. Yeah! DaDDy hates ForeIgNers and people I hate too. That makes hIm RITE. If I mention NIEtzscHe will anyone taKe me more SERIOUSLY?

All lefties hate me. Why? Because I am dangerOUs. I say the things no one else dares too. So let me say it loUD and cLear. The reason the white working class are so pissed off is because GOVERNMENTS spend all their money on blacks, MusLIms and fat people. Thats a Fact. As JaMes HalfWIT rote on BreitbART, 75% of all tax revenuEs get spent on Obese Black Muslims, so it Must be true.

Sum people have said Im a racist. FAKE NewS. Im a Jew and I love Jews. StoPPing peepul from saying what they want is a fundamental Denial of freedom of Speech. Like Twitter. And Facebook. Both of them are left-wing fascist organisations that have tried to ban me.

On Twitter my haNdle was @NERO. Nero was like me. Handsome. Faggot. And DangerOUS. All I did was call a black actress fat. Whats wrong with that. She is black and fat. People should be called out for being Fat. If you tell someone they are fAT often enough, they might lose wait and live a BIT longer. So I was doing the FATTy a favour.

Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos (Dangerous Books, 21.95)

Black people hate mE. But I dont Care because I am dANGErous. Like MadonnA. She was DanGErous too. Black Lives Matter is one of the biggest evils in modern society. So a couple of thousand BLAck guys get gunned down by the poliCE every year. FAKE NEWS! Anyone can make an hoNEst mistake. What leftwing rags like the Guardian, the New York Times and other papers dont say is that the people doing the most killINg of black guys is OtheR black guys. Youd have thought that if Black Lives really did Matter, then black people would stop killing one aNother.

Gays hate me too. Dont get me wrong. I am not A self-hating faggot. I love being Gay because most GayS are a great deal thinnER than heteroSEXuals. My issue is with gays who want to get married. BeinG married is NORMAL and Being Gay isnt. The reason I chose Yes, CHOSE to be gay is because it isnt normal. ITs TransGRessive and DANGEROUS. And I know I am right because STEVE BANNON and DADDY agree with me.

All Muslims are a menace. Dont be taken in by their beards and their LAME claims to piety. They are all potential suicide bombers. They prey on the weak. Thats why so many GINGERS like LINdsay LOHAN are attracted to Islam. Daddy is doing exactly the right thing by building a wall between MexiCo and the US because its only way to stop the country being flooded with Muslims. If you dont believe me, try reading St ThomaS Aquinas. Make America Great Again.

I am the best. I am the strongest. Only I can save the world from the lefty EVIL that pervades it. I am the Saviour. I am DanGEROUS. Please dont ignore me. Anything but that. Where are you? Im here. Im still here

Digested read, digested: desperate.

Read more: www.theguardian.com


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