‘Daily Show’ Proves Clinton Campaign Just Like First 4 ‘Rocky’ Films


Philadelphia is not only where the Democratic National Convention took place this week, it’s also the home of the celebrated movie character Rocky Balboa.

Turns out, “The Daily Show” staff sees parallels between Hillary Clinton and the first four “Rocky” films.

They just can’t stop fighting over which film fits best.

Jordan Klepper feels the first “Rocky” film is the best comparison to Clinton’s campaign.

“Hillary and Rocky are both lefty scrappers who get no respect,” the comedian said on a special Friday broadcast. “They both have an old guy who used to criticize them, but is now right in their corner.”

Comedy Central
Burgess Meredith as Mickey Goldmill, Rocky’s trainer and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Klepper added: “Right now, Hillary’s going to train hard, earn our support and prove she’s who can go to the distance.”

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah felt compelled to point out that Rocky loses the fight in the first movie.

“Does he?” Klepper replied. “I never get past the training montage.”

Hasan Minhaj had a different take.

“Hillary Clinton is ‘Rocky II. She lost to the black guy the first time and now she’s ready for her second shot at the title,” he said.

Adam Lowitt disagreed, saying the Clinton campaign is best compared to “Rocky III.”

“Hillary is rich and overconfident and she’s going to lose in an upset to an angry bully with weird hair who everyone calls Mr. T,” he said.

The correspondents finally decided that “Rocky IV” was the most appropriate film for this year’s presidential race.

 “Donald Trump is a monster backed by Russia, who is embarrassing the America in front of the entire world,” Minhaj pointed out.

See the comparisons in the video above, starting at the 9:04 mark. 

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