Dad Supports His Son’s Dreams In This Incredibly Touching Ad


Just in time for Father’s Day 2016, here goes an ad that not only pulls at the heartstrings, but also celebrates the way in which great fathers tend to have our backs even if we may not realize their purposes at first. The commercial, coming to us from American Family Insurance, is going viral for all the right reasons.

“When you’re seeking a dreaming, it helps to have the right insurance first.” Here, we gratify a little son who dreams of being a flamenco dancer. But when his daddy walkings into his bedroom with a box. Inside is a judo uniform, and the son realise his daddy is putting him on a path he didn’t choose.

Thus begins the boy’s judo develop. Meanwhile, every day on the way to the bus, the kids in the neighborhood mock him for requiring his daddy to protect him.

But then, something amazing happens. Thanks to Dad’s prodding, the son gets better and better at judo, earns more and more belts, and gains both strength and confidence. He even wins a prized trophy, proudly displaying it on the shelf in his bedroom.Little did the son know, his father was defining him up for his dreams the wholetime and by the end, those neighborhood bullies aren’t so intimidating anymore. That’s when Dad walks into his room with another box in his hand.

Just wait … you’ll see what I mean.

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