Dad Films Creepy “Ghost Swing” Moving On Its Own In A Park


It’s not often that you come across irrefutable proof that ghosts exist. All too often it’s just grainy pictures with a white-ish blur in the background with some weird caption about orbs and feeling a cold breeze down your neck.

I want something that makes me think a ghost could be chilling right next to me and I’m none the wiser. When’s that going to happen, huh?!


How do we know? Around a week ago, a man went live on Facebook claiming to be watching a swing move on its own accord without the aid of wind or, you know, humans. Have a look…

Just to clarify, there’s no one around. Don’t be getting that impression from vagueness.

I mean… I’m not convinced. That swing has a large surface area so, if it was windy (which is what’s implied 52 seconds in when the trees are going nuts) it would be affected way more than the other, smaller swings. Also, I don’t like the way it moves – too lopsided, like it could be being pulled by a string attached to one of the chains… but who’s going to wait around pulling a swing from a distance on the off-chance it might creep someone out?

Thing is though, I reckon Scotty knows something we don’t. Something about a paranormal, four-legged influence that he let slip with his first edit of his Facebook live caption…

It’s always the goats.

Having said that, I reckon I saw a ghost on the slide the other day. I even took a picture to prove it…

No one around. Explain that.

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