Dad Cradles His Son Before Surgery To Try To Get His Brain To Grow Inside Of His Head


When a doctor tells you something, you believe them and, usually, they’re right.

They’re supposed to be right. They’re supposed to know what they’re doing. And they’re supposed to be able to help you with whatever way you need.

But they’re not perfect, and sometimes that’s not the case. The Gundrum family was shocked at the response they got from one doctor in a time that all they expected was happiness.

When Mary Gundrum was pregnant, her and husband Mark were told that their baby might not survive past birth. After an ultrasound showing a craniofacial condition that their hospital didn’t know how to fix.

Their baby boy Dominic was born, with his brain growing outside of his head.

But, instead of giving up and taking no answers as an answer, they let their devastation power them through to finding help. Which led them to Boston Children’s Hospital, and a doctor who told them that it was going to be okay.

It’s heartbreaking to see what he’s about to have to go through, but the beauty is that it’s worth it, and his doctors are miraculous in their success.

Dominic and Violet have similar stories, both turned to this same hospital full of amazing doctors and were given amazing surgery success stories. After hearing stories like this, it enforces the fact that everyone really should get a second opinion, and never lose hope.

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