Curvy Wife Guy Roasted for Chubby Sexy Music Video


Robbie Tripp, the man famous for being bold enough to love his size-10 wife, is back.

The 28 year old now forever known as “Curvy Wife Guy,” who reached internet fame/villianhood for an Instagram post about how much he loved his thick-thighed wife, put out a music video Friday titled “Chubby Sexy.”

The video features the Curvy Wife—Sarah—and a gaggle of other, curvy women strutting poolside in bikinis and getting their “peaches” stroked by Tripp. And it boasts lyrics like “Got those Khaleesi curves, knows how to dragon slay.” (The song was presumably written before the Khaleesi character from Game of Thrones became a genocidal maniac.)

The point of the song is, ostensibly, to make heavier women feel good about their bodies. (Tripp billed the song in a tweet as a “body positive curvy girl summer anthem.”) But as soon as it dropped, people on the internet were quick to point out that the lyrics, butt stroking, and promotional Twitter posts like, “I love curvy women and curvy women love me,” all seemed more than a little objectifying.

“Can someone tell Robbie that body positivity is not about sexualizing and bashing others body types,” one viewer tweeted.

“He forgets that body positivity isn’t predicated on someone finding you sexy,” another added.

Writer Madison Malone Kircher, who has previously profiled Tripp for New York magazine, was more blunt: “c*rvy wife guy just dropped his curvy anthem and wow please just shoot me straight into the goddamn sun,” she tweeted.

They are the kind of comments Tripp has become used to getting ever since he posted the infamous photo of Sarah on Instagram in July 2017. The caption, which detailed his “attraction to girls on the thicker side,” was endlessly ridiculed for its self-congratulatory tone and what some saw as an appropriation of body-positive culture by a slim white man. The backlash was so severe that someone at Thought Catalog found it necessary to write a post “In Defense of The Guy Who Posted To Instagram About His Curvy Wife.”

But others seem to find Tripp’s vocal embrace of stretch marks and side rolls empowering. Some viewers commented on the YouTube video that they were smiling through the whole song and giggling at lines like “Certified dime start at size 10.”

“This is everything, this is what all of us thick girls needed,” one commenter wrote, accompanied by the flames emoji. Another commented that she was “loving it,” adding: “And I'm thin.”

As for Tripp, a self-described creative entrepreneur who overlayed his own quote (”We out here” – Robbie Tripp) at the start of the music video, it seems that all the attention—good or bad—is worth it. In a profile with Vox’s The Goods, Tripp said his goal was to get a million views on the “Chubby Sexy” video, write a New York Times best-seller, and publish a rhyming children’s book called Getting Dressed With Sarah. Oh, and make a lot of money doing it.

“There’s something about the desert where people come out here with lots of money, and you don’t know who they are or where their money comes from, but they build these big, sprawling houses with pools and learn how to golf,” said Tripp, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. “That’s the new goal: getting desert money.”

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