Curt Schilling will run for Senate against Elizabeth Warren in 2018


Schilling was the 2001 World Series MVP.
Image: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Curt Schilling is a retired starting pitcher, former ESPN analyst and an avid social media user. He hopes to add senator to that list in 2018.

The outspoken and conservative 49-year-old announced Tuesday he would challenge Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s seat in Massachusetts’ 2018 Senate race.

The decision has been made, he told Rhode Island radio station WRPO, pending his wife’s approval.

Though he’s flirted with a run at the Senate before, Schilling seems to be for real this time.

The former All-Star hurler is notorious for his politically charged and controversial comments.

ESPN suspended Schilling as a broadcast analyst last year when he posted a meme comparing Muslims to Nazis, and fired him in April after he shared an anti-LGBT Facebook post. Schilling has been critical of Hillary Clinton and openly supportive of Donald Trump, one of Schilling’s many overt endorsements of Republican presidential candidates.

Schilling is beloved in Boston for his contributions to the Boston Red Sox’s 2004 and 2007 World Series runs.

But Warren, a popular figure in the Democratic Party, laughed out loud when The Boston Globeasked if Schilling would be a legit opponent for her seat in the Senate.

“He can certainly try,” she said.

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