Cousin of Slain Baton Rouge Cop Was Wrongly Arrested for the Massacre


Damarcus Alexander went into a Walmart to change clothes. When he came out, police locked him up and allegedly denied him diabetes medication until he almost slipped into a coma. “>

ADDIS, Louisiana On Sunday, July 17, Damarcus Alexander stopped at Walmart so his best friend could buy a white shirt for church.

They left Dallas, Texas, at 4 a.m. bound for Belle Rose, Louisiana, a small town an hour south of Baton Rouge, so his friend could sing at a church. They entered the Walmart outside of Baton Rouge, changed into their church clothes, and continued driving.

They didnt know it but someone had just called 911 describing two black men entering the store and changing clothes just after Gavin Long shot six law enforcement officers across the river.

One of the three dead was Alexanders cousin, Montrell Jackson. He was my big cuz, Alexander told, adding that their families had vacationed together many times. He saved me from drowning once.

When he and his friend were changing at Walmart, Alexander hadnt heard what had happened to his cousin yet, but a few miles down the road, police stopped their automobile and it wasnt for condolences.

Hey, you were just in the Walmart changing, right? an officer asked them, according to Alexander. You know what just happened in Baton Rouge ? We already got the guy who did it, but we think that he probably didnt work alone so were looking into you two. Police said their automobile fit the description of Longs car at the scene.( It didnt .)

Soon when he was pulled over, more than a dozen vehicles with police officers from every nearby police department had pulled up. All of them were white.

Fortunately, Alexander had proof that they hadnt been involved in the shooting, because they had stopped at a gas station over 100 miles west of Baton Rouge to buy coffee and snacks at 8: 43 a.m ., according to the receipt still in the bag. That was three minutes after Long started shooting .

It wasnt enough for the officers, who still viewed them as suspects.

Alexander said they were handcuffed and locked in the back of a police car without being read their rights. When we were detained, we asked for phone calls, he told. We were not given phone calls.

The Louisiana State Police and Baton Rouge Police Department did not respond to a request for comment.

Instead police confiscated their telephones by intimidating them. They constructed us sign a consent sort, he told. When Alexander asked questions about this, police began cursing at him. If he wants to be a dick about it, simply set his ass back in the car, he told a plainclothes officer yelled. Hell is right there for another four hours to wait for a court order to search his phone.

They also forced Alexanders friend to pee in a bottle in the back of a police car.

Meanwhile, Alexander still didnt know who had been killed, but he had seven family members in Baton Rouge law enforcement, including his father, aunt, and uncle, along with Jackson. He was fretted too, and maintained asking to call his family.

I dont know if one of them was shot and killed, he told. I was ignored. He only found out it was his cousin who had been murdered after police released him around 7 p. m.

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