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An alleged con artist eyed in a Nebraska woman’s slaying claims he killed her in a sex fiction gone wrong.

Aubrey Trail, a person of interest in the death of Sydney Loofe, has called local reporters from prison as he awaits trial on federal scam charges. While he’s confessed to killing Loofe, he hasn’t been charged in her demise.

Last week Friday, the convicted felon told a Lincoln TV station that he killed Loofe, a 24 -year-old cashier at a Lincoln home-improvements chain.

” I killed Sydney Loofe and am fully responsible for her death ,” Trail told 1011 NOW from Leavenworth Detention Center in Kansas.

In the bizarre interview, Trail claimed he operated a business selling “fantasies” at his home, where women were given a weekly allowance. And he says that it was during one of these supposed events that Loofe lost her life.

The 51 -year-old said that he and Bailey Boswell–his girlfriend and another person of interest in Loofe’s demise–traveled with women who built $500 to $10,000 to engage in consensual sex fantasies with customers.

” Our lives were full of lots of dames ,” Trail told 1011 NOW.” Some traveled with us, worked for me, and there was lots of parties, travelling, and sex .”

The phone confession comes two months after Boswell and Trail posted a series of Facebook Live videos professing their innocence. At the time, Boswell claimed she met Loofe on Tinder and took her on two dates, but that she dropped Loofe off at a friend’s home before she disappeared.

The clips were published as cops searched for Boswell and Trail and identified them as people of interest to media outlets. They were nabbed in Missouri on Nov. 30.

On Monday, Trail told the Lincoln Journal Star that Loofe died of accidental asphyxiation while she was in a room with him and two other women. Trail again claimed that he’s the only one responsible for Loofe’s death.

During the bellow with the Journal Star , Trail said that he offered the Federal Bureau of Investigation details about another, similar death from two years ago.( The FBI is the lead agency investigating Loofe’s death .)

Trail claimed that he told the FBI he would keep feeding the media ” gruesome” details if he doesn’t get what he wants from researchers, the Journal Star reported. What he wants, however, wasn’t specified in the report.

In a third interview, Trail told the Omaha World-Herald that Loofe died of “suffocation” shortly after a Nov. 16 date with Boswell.

Trail and Boswell were living in a cellar apartment in Wilber, Nebraska. He claimed Loofe joined a sexual fiction with himself and two other women. Boswell was allegedly passed out on drugs and outside the room when Loofe died, he told the World-Herald .

” It wasn’t supposed to go to the extreme it ran, of course not ,” Trail told the newspaper on Monday.” It wasn’t meant that she was to die .”

As The Daily Beast previously reported, Boswell is a 23 -year-old mother to a young daughter and a former high-school basketball star. She introduced herself as “Audrey” in one of the Facebook videos and admitted to dating Loofe.” I’m Bailey, Audrey on Tinder and a few other names because I have warrants ,” she said in the video clip.

Loofe vanished on Nov. 16. Her body was discovered in a Clay County farm field on Dec. 4. Since then, police haven’t charged anyone in her demise.

After Loofe faded, the feds cuffed Boswell and Trail on charges of transporting stolen goods across nation lines. They’ve pleaded not guilty, and a trial is scheduled for March.

According to the indictment, Trail identified himself as “Alan Russell” and approached two victims, offering them the chance to buy a gold coin and sell it at a profit. But the currency was not actually gold as Trail represented, prosecutors say.

Boswell and Trail drafted false documents and websites to make their gold-coin scam appear legitimate, prosecutors allege. The victims lost $400,000 in money and property because of the alleged strategy, court papers state.

Trail’s lawyer, Korey Reiman, didn’t return messages seeking comment on his client’s recurred phone calls to local media.

Meanwhile, an FBI spokesman told The Daily Beast that the Loofe homicide investigation is ongoing. The FBI is not offer any comment on the probe” so as to not imperil the integrity of it ,” spokesman Huston Pullen said.

One of Loofe’s relatives said the law enforcement agencies advised her family not to comment.

Cierra Wilhelm, one of Loofe’s friends, told The Daily Beast she doesn’t believe Loofe would ever participate in a “fantasy” date, especially with a man.

” Sydney has never been in difficulty or around trouble ,” Wilhelm said in an email.” She was sincerely a great, huge-hearted person. She was put in a bad situation with bad people and I will forever love her and miss her .”

” If anything is wrote about Sydney, I simply hope it can be about who she genuinely was and not about Aubrey and Bailey because they have taken 90 percent of this media attention when it should be on Sydney now ,” Wilhelm added.

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