Comedian Michael Ian Black pens children’s book on Donald Trump


Ever since Donald Trump descended his Trump Tower escalator last year like some type of fallen Cheeto-dusted messiah, the world has been trying to make sense of his candidacy.

Comedian Michael Ian Black may have found the best way to address the question of Trump as both a politician and a person. He’s penned the children’s book A Child’s First Book of Trump, which essentially sinks to the grammatical level of the presumptive GOP nominee. Black discussed his latest book with Stephen Colbert on the Late ShowFriday night.

Filled with topical political humor and Trump’s trademark shit-Trump-steak-eating grin, the book was a little more of a partisan look at the Donald. Sadly, it’s unavailable to the masses. A Child’s First Book of Trump, however, is real as can be and available for purchase.

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