Coachella 2017: Kendall Jenner Is On Her Best Behavior In The Desert — No Weed For Her, Thanks!


Looks like Kendall Jenner is keeping things squeaky clean during her time at Coachella this weekend!

TMZ reports that the star model — fresh off her Pepsi ad controversy that took the nation by storm for about 48 hours — decided to turn down the dutchie during a Coachella after party on Saturday night!

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Apparently, Kendall was at WeedmapsMarijuana Oasis party last night after the concert event’s final curtain, but eyewitnesses are adamant that the model did NOT take a puff or a pass on anything!

Well then!!

She apparently had a big entourage along with her, including Hailey Baldwin, A$AP Rocky, and more — and while most all of ’em indulged a bit in the bud available, Kendall was like naaaaah, I’m good.

Hey, but it sounds like she enjoyed herself anyways, so good for her!

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And no question she’s probably minding her behavior at least a little bit after being so concerned about the fallout over her Pepsi ad.


[Image via WENN.]

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