Clinton ad tells Pence they’d have a hard time defending Trump, too


Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spent Tuesday night’s debate denying many of the charges against his running mate made by Tim Kaine.

Based on a new ad from the Hillary Clinton campaign, that might have been the plan all along.

The new ad released Wednesday morning pairs those denials against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s own statements.

Throughout the ad, “Indefensible,” Democratic vice presidential nominee Kaine brings up Trump’s praise for Vladimir Putin, his comments about deportation and his former support of measures that would punish women who seek abortions over Pence’s protests of “that’s nonsense” and “absolutely false.” The video then cuts to Trump’s own on-camera statements.

The ad hits Trump harder than Pence. Kaine and Pence went head to head on behalf of their running mates at Longwood University in Virginia.

“It’s okay, Mike,” the ad says. “We’d have a hard time defending him, too.”

The ad spurred speculation that the Clinton campaign had anticipated Pence’s denials and used the debate to create material for the video.

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