China Reveals Its Growing Fleets Of Electric Buses


Despite significant investments into renewables, China doesnt exactly have the best reputation when it comes to clean energy. But while itcontinues to be the worlds leading producer of carbon emissions, perhaps theres a faintglimmer of green at the end of the smoggy tunnel.

Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) hasreleased a video showing off anendless seaofelectric buses.

Over 100,000 buses in China around 20 percentof thetotalare electric, and if bus fleets continue their rate of conversion to the green-side, all of Chinas buses will be electric by the mid-2020s.

BYD isone of the major players behind this move. The company reportedly sold over 60,000 electric plug-in automobilesin 2015, compared to around50,000 units each forNissan and Tesla, making itthe world’s best-selling manufacturer of highway-legal electric vehicles.

The Chinese government has also granted $15 billion (10.6 billion)in seed money for the countrys leading electric automobile companies.

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