Channing Tatum Proves He’s Literally Simone Biles’ Biggest Fan On ‘Ellen’


Zac Efron and Kim Kardashian aint got nothing on Channing Tatum, who just proved he is truly Simone Bilesbiggest fan.

On Tuesday, the 36-year-old Magic Mike actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on the same day 19-year-old Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles was stopping by, too.

This worked out greatsince it turns out Channing is a huge fan of Simones. Like, a HUGE fan.

First of all, when Ellen brought up the two of them meeting, Channing insisted he would be the one to freak out more.

Ellen tried to argue with him, but Channing stayed firm, saying,

Nope. Im telling you right now, Im going to freak out more.

He had good reason to freak out I mean, she is the best gymnast in the world, after all. Channing gushed,

Shes gonna be the greatest and already is the greatest of all time.

Finally, the moment came for the two stars to finally meet.

Ellen unveiled Simons new trophy case AKA Channing Tatum holding four of her medals on his arms.

Channings look of pure elation when he hugs Simone is perfect.

And THENSimonehonors him even further by putting one her medals around his neck, to which he responds,

YES! What?!

So, how much you want to bet Simonehas a cameo in Magic Mike 3?

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