Celebrate National Middle Child Day with these 5 incredible facts.


Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, and Abraham Lincoln. They all have something surprising in common.

GIF from “The Brady Bunch.”

Not so fast, Jan! If Oreo cookies and the “Star Wars” cinemas have taught us anything, it’s that the middle is where you can find some of the best stuff.

In honor of Middle Child Day, here are five surprising facts about growing up a middle infant.

1. Middle infants stand for truth, justice, and even more justice.

According to Katrin Schumann, co-author of “The Secret Power of Middle Children, ” middles are justice-seekers. She said in Psychology Today that middle infants “are focused on fairness; they perceive injustice in their family and are attuned to the needs of others as they grow up.”

Middles also tend to be fiercely loyal and stick up for the underdog. No surprise, then, that Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr ., and Nelson Mandela were all in-betweeners.

Parents tend to place a lot of expectations on the firstborn, especially when it is necessary to academic and professional achievement. When parental attention get divided among multiple infants, middles tend to lose out. But that’s not always a bad thing.

Catherine Salmon, Schumann’s co-author, told NPR “In a certain way, they’re free to find out what they genuinely are good at on their own period and in their own way, and then excel at that.”

But that’s because experts are ultimately taking notification. In a 2010 its consideration of over 200 birth-order studies, researchers found that “second-born infants are largely ignored in the research literature.” Ouch. Adding insult to injury, the research gap may have a lot to do with the fact that many of the researchers themselves are first-born.

Fair enough, Jan. You can be mad about this one. GIF still from “The Brady Bunch.”

But any group that includes Chris Hemsworth, Warren Buffett, Barbara Walters, and Britney Spears has a lot to be happy about.

Rise up, middle infants! Today is your day, you justice-seeking, sexually adventurous free spirits. Continue to make the world a wild and wonderful place.

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