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Based on the preview of next Monday’s Teen Mom OG season premiere, things are not so picture perfect for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra as they seem on Instagram.

Tyler even says at one point they aren’t in a great place! Eesh!

Well, UsWeekly got Catelynn’s take on the upcoming season, and she said:

“I lived it, I’m not going to watch it.”

Ha! Fair enough. On her actual relationship problems, she says:

“I feel like every couple goes through bumps in the road, especially as you’re growing up together like me and Ty have. I mean, we’ve been together 13 years now and married for three, so we’ve grown up together. I feel like, as people, you grow up and you change in certain ways, and it’s all about learning how to process that with your significant other and how do you go from there or how you change things.”

She wants to assure people they are NOT getting a divorce!

“It’s not like we’re in the gutter or we’re getting a divorce like everybody says. Couples go through ups and downs, just like any relationship, even friendships, family, you know, and it’s all about how you work through things.”

Those things they’ve had to work through include adoption, postpartum depression, distance. Catelynn details:

“What I went through put a lot of strain on a relationship, especially leaving him and him having to be a single dad for so long and running a business on his own. I have a lot of sympathy for what I put him through. I think that’s put a lot of stress on our relationship. Right now, we’re hitting a couple bumps that need to be worked through.”

Awww. It’s like they say, this too shall pass. Right?

[Image via Tyler Baltierra/Instagram.]

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