Caitlyn Jenner Tells Andy Cohen: Of Course O.J. Simpson Is Guilty, Even Kris Knows That


She also claims Kris Jenner knew he was guilty too! She said:

“Kris was on my side.”

That’s not the only thing sure to piss off the Kardashian fam.

The former Olympian went on to talk once again about her friendship with Robert Kardashian, who she now says was ALSO guilty — that is, he felt enormously guilty about getting a murderer off! She recounted:

“In the book I talk about only one time after the second [1998 civil] trial and the whole thing was over. Robert just said to me that ‘I would have been OK if they got him in the first trial.’ That’s the only thing he ever said and that’s about the closest he’ll ever come, never saying he actually did it. When Robert, in the first trial, he was now the guy who helped him get away with murder and he was destroyed by everyone. And I felt terribly sorry for him.”

She went on:

“Robert was a very good person. I really liked Robert. Robert and I had a very good relationship. He was a very good parent. He was great with the kids. We had a very good relationship. We discussed things with the kids, about the kids. We went to basketball games with little Robert together. He was a really good guy and unfortunate that he got sick and passed away. So unfortunate for the kids. But at that time where the hard part was during the trial is mostly Kourtney and Kimberly because they were a little bit older and their dad, who they love and adore which they should, is on one side and we’re on the other. And so it was more tough on them than it was on us. We pretty much knew. We were just obviously very disappointed with the verdict.”

Something tells us the sisters are going to be more at odds after hearing all this.

Do YOU think Cait is out of line??

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