Brutal Magic Trick Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong On Live TV


There aren’t many things more awkward than a magic trick going wrong.

The disappointment on the face of a magician when you admit – for example – that no, that actually isn’t your card after all, is just uncomfortable and it’s almost worth just pretending that they’ve got it right.

Sometimes, however, there’s no covering up that the trick hasn’t gone to plan..

A clip from Polish breakfast showPytanie na niadanieshows a magician taking the presenter through a “Russian Roulette” style trick with three bags, one of them with a nail in it.

You can see what happens next here:

Yes, he slams her hand into the paper bag with the nail in it.

On the Reddit post, the hostMarzena Rogalska has confirmed that this wasn’t a hoax, commenting:

“Thank you for your support. Im alive. Everything will be fine.”

Have you ever seen live TV go so badly wrong?!

H/T Uproxx

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