Brock Turner’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals What It Was Like To Date Him


The ex-girlfriend of Brock Turner, who was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to just three months in jail, wrote a letter to the court aboutdating him several years prior.

Lydia Posick, 20, dated Turner when they were in high schoolbefore he went on to Stanford University, where he sexually assaulted an unconscious woman.

Posick wrote a letter, which was obtained by the Los Angeles Times, to the judge in the sexual assault case, saying she thinks Turner is “the type of person” who “could never deserve this or do anything he has been convicted of in a thousand of his lives.”

Posick wrote she met Turner in junior high school and dated him for two years in high school. She says he worked hard to be successful at many things and, even so, he took the time to be a good boyfriend. Posick said their dates generally consisted of going to dinner and a movie, followed by ice cream.

She wrote,

He ensured that I was okay and happy in all that I was doing, he helped me learn a lot about myself and about the person I could be. He never once pressured me into any situation or any decision that I didn’t feel true to myself in.

Posick went on to say she saw how the trial “has destroyed him,” and she is angry with God for “instilling such pain on such an undeserving soul.”

Turner waswitnessedby two men thrusting himself on top of an unconscious young woman behind a dumpster on Stanford’s campus. The witnesses chased and caught Turner.

The victim was taken to a hospital and medically examined. After she was assaulted, she was so traumatized, she didn’t talk, eat or sleep, and she grew isolated from her loved ones, she said in a court statement.

In life, previous behavior does not determine future action. A good boyfriend can still be a sexual assailant. A nice white guywith a great swimming record can still be a sexual assailant. Someone you’ve known for years can still be a sexual assailant.

Brock Turner was caught by witnesses. He was found guilty, in court, of sexual assault — a crime which is notoriously hard to get a guilty sentencing. He may have been a good high school boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from being a convicted sexual assailant.

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