Britain Has Just Launched Its First “Fast Track” Walking Lane


You know when you’re walking down a busy street in a rush? You sort of want to run but then you don’t want to look like an idiot so you just stick to unrealistically fast walking. All is going well until you walk into somemug on their phone, not looking ahead of them and moving at the pace of a snail with rickets.

You wish for some sort of motorway system here. But do you get one? No.

Well… yes, actually.

Liverpudlians globally (exclusively in Liverpool) will be able to experience the wind flowing through through their hair as the speed down the fast lane with not a care for the world up until the 8th November. If the paths prove popular, expect them to start making their way across much more of Britain!

The research came from Argos who found out that47 per cent of people in the UK find slow walking the most annoying aspect of high street shopping.

This could be a game changer from Christmas shopping. Here’s to hoping no-one tells the middle lane hoggers from the motorways.

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