Boy Asks Her To Prom With A Rose, Then She Realizes He Asked Out 3 Other Girls


High school senior Ana Erickson was ecstatic when Joey Wakeen asked her out to prom. He gave her a rose and an invitation. Then Haley realized she wasn’t the only girl Joey asked out.

Joey spent months in 2015 working on a farm during his free time to save up money for the special invitation, a limo, dinner, and all the necessary prom accouterments. No one expected that Joey was doing it to ask four girls to prom. Before you judge, there’s an important reason.

Joey has Down syndrome. The four girls he asked out (Ana, Haley Boles, Erin Amundson, and Katie Kolakowsi) are student aides in the school’s special education program. He asked each of the girls out because they made his school year incredibly special with their friendship.

The four prom dates were excited when they discovered Joey had chosen them all.

“I thought it was awesome,” said Ana, who got her invitation first. “It was unexpected. It was so sweet… Getting the flower was like having the cherry on top of the cake.”

When Haley got hers, she couldn’t help but cry. The girls wanted to chip in for the lavish night, but Joey insisted he have everything covered.

“They have definitely taught me a lot,” Katie said of her fellow students in the special education program. “Patience for sure, respecting others. More understanding, being polite… The unconditional love they have.”

The girls are sad to be graduating and leaving Joey, but it goes without saying that they’ll never forget him or the special prom night.

“I’m looking forward to smiling for pictures, dancing and having fun,” Joey said.

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