Bernie Sanders Just Set A New Record For Presidential Campaign Contributions


Sen. Bernie Sanders( I-Vt .) has broken the record for the number of individual contributions received at this phase during a presidential campaign, his campaign announced Sunday.

The Sanders campaign says it hit the 2.3 million contributions mark during Saturday evening’s Democratic presidential debate. The major milestone breaks the record President Barack Obama defined during the course of its re-election campaign. Through Dec. 31, 2011, Obama reportedly had received about 2.2 million gifts.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has raised more fund, but Sanders’ grassroots strategy is clearly working. As of the Sept. 30 deadline for reporting contributions to the Federal Election Commission, Clinton had raised at least $76 million and Sanders had raised about $41.2 million, much of which came from small donors. During the debate, the average contribution is lower than $25, the Sanders campaign notes.

The announcement came just days after Sanders sued the Democratic National Committee to release his campaign’s voter data. The candidate’s access to the data was suspended last week, following a data violate by campaign staffers who wrongly accessed voter info from Clinton’s campaign.

The Sanders campaign fired Josh Uretsky, the candidate’s national data director, on Friday, and suspended two other staffers on Saturday, according to NBC News.

The DNC concurred late Friday to permit Sanders to have access to its voter data again.

The public battle with the DNC may have stoked a flame under Sanders’ supporters. His campaign raked in $ 1 million in contributionson Friday alone, The Washington Post reported.

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