Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock Releases Shoe To Raise Money For Planned Parenthood


Vegan footwear brand Keep has joined forces with Beastie Boys’ Adam “Ad-Rock” Horowitz to benefit Planned Parenthood.

They collaborated on “The Ramos Ad-Rock,” a sneaker with a “weather resistant, nylon cordura body” lined with “synthetic fleece and accented with channel quilted, silicon coated nylon.”

It comes with both black and magenta laces and retails for $97. Net proceeds of the shoe will go to Planned Parenthood.

Ad-Rock released a statement saying that he wanted to release the shoe because he supports “small business, women run business, Asian-American run business,” according to Pitchfork.

“I support a woman’s right to choose and feel that women should not be punished for making decisions about their own lives and bodies. If you have similar beliefs, you might wanna grab a pair. Or, if you simply support fresh styles, then you too can be part of what peeps in Keeps are doing,” the statement says. 

The team at Keep has previously partnered with other artists like Bon Iver and Animal Collective’s Deakin.

If you’re looking to get more involved and want to help more than Planned Parenthood, here’s a guide to other organizations that provide reproductive healthcare.

 You can preorder the shoes here.

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