BBC Reporter Cooks Meat From His Own Leg To Discover What Human Flesh Tastes Like


You know what would be bad? If you’re in one of those horrible “stranded group turns to cannibalism” type affairs. You’d be forever looking over your shoulder for hungry peers. Awful.

And what if you went to the trouble of killing the guy who got you into your situation and, when it came down to it, you really hated the taste of human. Then what? You’re feeling pretty awfulANDhungry.

So to find out if that would happen (he didn’t say that but I’ve put two and two together),BBC science presenter, Greg Foot, went out of his way to find out what humans taste like… using meat from his leg.

How’d he do it? He got a doctor man with the biggest needle you’ve ever seen to take a sample of his muscle tissue. That was then sent off to a lab where the aromas were measured and he made a meat-cocktail style burger based on what the analysis threw up. Have a look…

He enjoyed that too much for my liking.

Still, there you have it. Sort of gamy and beefy with a little pork… that’s us humans for ya!

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