Baby Kangaroo Won’t Rest Until He Gets His Milk


There’s something about kangaroos that just interests people. They’re adorable, they jump around and they hold their newborns in a pouch … what’s not to love? Well, if you’re the man in charge of preparing their milk, their big appetites (and impatience to sate it!) might be something of a negative. This man just can’t get a moment of peace until his kangaroo bud has his milk.

Luckily, he’s probably learned to be pretty patient when it comes to needy marsupials, as he deals with them every day at work. The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a rescue centre devoted to the marsupials located in Alice Springs, Australia. The man in the video is Chris “Brolga” Barnes, the founder of the sanctuary. Called “Kangaroo Dundee,” Barnes and his team have overseen the rescue of over 200 orphaned kangaroos since 2005. 

Before he opened the facility, he was working as a tour guide in the Northern Territory, the least populous of Australia’s states, when he noticed that orphaned and injured animals were frequently found in the area and there was nowhere to take them. After he found a little ‘roo left for dead on the side of the road that he named Palau, he began to take in animals, as well as educate people on their plight. He eventually had so many animals under his care that he needed to expand, but he didn’t have the money to do so. The pressure was on, too, as he “had a few kangaroos that had too many injuries to be released and the Northern Territory doesn’t allow kangaroos as pets.” Shortly thereafter, an uncle left him an inheritance to build the sanctuary that stands today. The sanctuary encompasses 36 hectares of bushland and is home to around 30 kangaroos of various ages at any given time.

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