Ariana Grande Was The Most Internet Searched “Fashion Icon” of 2015


So Ariana Grande was “the most searched fashion icon on the Internet for 2015,” and I’m calling bullshit. Like first of all “fashion icon” is a loose term. I too wore a half-pony and sequins when I was in pre-school, and even though I was the best dressed 4 year old on the playground, I wasn’t a fucking fashion icon.

Apparently the most searched terms connected to Ariana Grande were “cat ears” “fit-and-flare dress” and “tie-dye tank top.” So like fashion icon to a girl trying to decide on a last-minute Halloween costume. I guess always demanding to pose with her left side has finally paid off. Congrats Ari.

On a related note, Kim Kardashian came fourth connected to the search “tight dress.” So I guess what I’m saying is that there really weren’t any winners on this list.

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