Apparently This Is What Happens When You Eat Garlic On An Empty Belly In The Morning!


Garlic, throughout the centuries, has taken on many different roles in superstitious culture, and therefore, the media.

It’s been used to ward off illness and increase endurance in the times of the Egyptians; they used to give them to slaves. The Greeks would consume garlic before going to get combat, and their athletes would do the same before a competition. In Muhammed’s writings he stated that garlic and onion were from Satan’s feet, after he was cast out of heaven. Then there’s always the famous book and film stereotype that it’ll ward off Vampires.

What many people don’t know, is that our delicious fucking girlfriend, through all the different roles it’s filled, is actually highly healthy for you! It has many different benefits for your body that aren’t constructed mainstream by popular media, though if you have any true Mexican foods, you’re sure to have already feed it. For instance, did you know that by feeing garlic for breakfast, you’re actively fighting cancer? The National Cancer Institute has openly admitted that garlic is quite possibly a cancer fighting food, though more about it needs to be to examine to find the how and why.

As if that weren’t enough in and of itself, it also assistances in reducing blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, the kind we don’t need! Which, of course, means that it lowers the chance of atherosclerosis occurring( the stiffen and hardening of the arteries ). Your veins have less chance of clotting when your blood is thinner; did you know that garlic is a natural blood thinner, allowing for more blood to be pumped throughout your body?

Studies even show that it helps in regulating the glucose levels in the blood, helping those with diabetes by increasing the amount of insulin available to them. It’s even been shown to be helpful for improving powerlessnes, that’s right dames and gentleman it aids in sexual performance! It’s also jam-packed with many essential nutrients and vitamins like potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamins C and B6 as well- it’s a real superfood!

Plus, there’s always the wholly un-opinionated fact that garlic savours amazing with almost every snack, that definitely needs to be stated. Overall there’s thousands of recipes that garlic is all very well with, especially if you’re into Mexican food! Personally, I like utilizing it in a crockpot with some tomato paste, onion, green chili, red and yellow buzzer peppers and two pounds of chicken with some taco seasoning on low for ten hours. The result is absolutely amazing, and your house will reek like heaven for hours on end!

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