Apparently, The iPhone 7 Won’t Have A Headphone Port

The people over at Apple are on a mission. A mission to get their phones as slim as is practicable, though, a lot of us can relate to that goal after the hefty vacation season we just had. #dietgoals .

We’ve given up chocolate, and Apple have decided to ditch the headphone socket. They’ve definitely one-upped us there.

Chinese news sites have claimed thatsources in Apple’s supply chain have revealed that Apple have decided to say’ hasta la vista’ to the little round bit that you plug your headphones into.

Instead, everyone will have to play all of their music out loud.

Just kidding! Headphones will plug in via the Lightning connector or connect wirelesslybyBluetooth.

Source: Merrill Electronics

It’s therefore expected that the new phone will come with a pair of wireless headphones- we’re predicting them to be called’ AirBuds’ or something even more ridiculous- but this could mean that a lot of users would have to either upgrade their current headphones, or invest in a lighting-to-headphone adapter.

And, knowing Apple, we’re sure those are sure to be dirt cheap. Of course.

The people aren’t happy. And what do people do when they’re not happy? Start a petition.

Some people( basically, me) are worried about the impact wireless/ lightning port headphones might have on the charge and safety of their( basically, my) phones.

Because if they’re wireless, headphones can no longer feel like a safety net for having your phone in your pocket in a public place.

Plus, if they plug into the lightning adapter, listening to music before you go to sleep will be completely ruled out.( Because every iPhone user charges their phone overnight, every night. Don’t lie to yourselves .)

What do you think about the proposed iPhone changes ?

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