Anthony Anderson Opens Up About Getting Serious About His Health


Anthony Anderson wants to encourage more people to take action and live a healthier lifestyle.

In the January/February issue of WebMD’s digital magazine, the “Black-ish” star opened up on his 16-year journey managing type 2 diabetes.

Prior to his diagnosis in 2001, Anderson recalls experiencing a list of abnormal symptoms that ultimately led the actor to visit a doctor at his neighborhood clinic.

“I was taking midday naps, something that I had never done before,” he said. “I was developing a television show, I was doing movies – I was fatigued, but I thought that it was just everything catching up to me.”

At the time, Anderson has previously said, he was also diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He told WebMD magazine that he decided to “get serious” about his health in 2008 by making a full commitment, which meant exercising more and eating organic fruits and vegetables, along with fish and chicken. He lost 45 pounds. 

Now Anderson is an advocate for diabetes awareness. The Golden Globe nominee has partnered with the American Diabetes Association since 2010. He attends various health events and encourages people to visit their doctor for regular checkups.

“I give my testimony, it doesn’t matter if you’re on TV, if you’re famous,” he said. “This can still happen to you, just like it can to anybody. But I also want people to see that you can get through it. No matter who you are, you can make the changes that you have to make and you can beat it.”

Read more of Anthony Anderson’s WebMD interview here.

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