Another Miami neighborhood has active Zika transmission


(CNN)Zika is spreading in a third Miami neighborhood, health officials said Thursday.

The neighborhood, known as Little River, is the latest area in Miami to have confirmed Zika transmission.


    President Obama asked Congress to provide $1.9 billion for the fight against Zika in February, but partisan arguments kept the request locked up in the House and Senate. It wasn’t until after Zika arrived on the US mainland, in the Wynwood and Miami-Dade areas of Florida, that Congress acted and allocated $1.1 billion in late September.
    “It has been two weeks since federal funding to fight Zika was approved by Congress and signed by President Obama. However, Florida has not yet received a dime. We don’t need bureaucratic timelines — we need funding now,” Scott stated.
    Florida has had more than 1,000 cases of Zika. Most of them are travel-related, but 155 non-travel related cases have been confirmed, according to the state’s health department.

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