Amber Rose Thinks Channing Tatum Exemplifies Hollywood’s Double Criteria


Sexism in the entertainment industry is nothing new — just ask Amber Rose. The model, author and feminist icon has been on the receiving objective of some serious detest over the years from people — including Kanye West — who just can’t appears to get over her past.

“Brad Pitt used to sell chicken in a chicken dres on the corner. No one tells, ‘Oh, you sell chicken for a living.’ No he’s an actor. That’s what he does now, ” Rose told The Huffington Post. “But for me , no matter how many Tv reveals , no matter how many movies I do, I’m always a stripper.”

She continued, the passion in her voice coming through loud and clear: “Look at Channing Tatum. He was a stripper just like me. No one tells shit. He’s at the fucking Oscars. He’s at the Vanity Fair party. You know what I’m saying? ”

“No one cares, ” she told, “because he’s a human. They’re never going to care.”

For Rose, stripping wasn’t about sex, it was about making money. And quite frankly, she tells, “it was the best time of my life.”

She continued 😛 TAGEND

[ Tatum] embraced the fact that he was a stripper and made a movie and kind of made fun of himself, but if I make fun of myself and I call myself a slut, or talking here my stripper past and say it was the best period of my life — I was young, and beautiful making a hundred thousand dollars in cash a year. How fucking fun was that? I had a bunch of friends, it was a party every night — I get ridiculed for that.

A self-proclaimed neo-feminist, Rose acknowledges she espouses the negativity, because no matter what she does, “everybody is going to call you a slut and a hoe and a tramp or a harlot, if you do anything provocative or sexy, or be confident in your sexuality, ” especially if you’re a woman.

As she previously told HuffPost, all she can do is “just live my life to the fullest.”

“You have one life to live, ” she told, “but I can’t live it for anybody but myself. And when you live your life for yourself, that’s when you’re truly enlightened and happy.”

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