Amazing Hotel Lets You Live In Luxury In Spongebob’s House!


When you were a kid, what was thesetting of a TV show that you really wanted to visit? For me, it was wherever the kids hung out in The Weekenders – I think it might be LA, in hindsight, but I was always jealous about how they got to chill out at the mall or on the beach when all I had by me was a highstreet and friends who lived miles away.

After that, it would have had to have been Bikini Bottom from Spongebob Squarepants. Obviously I’d have to wear some diving gear, much like Sandy does but, you know, it just seemed pretty cool. They’re underwater and yet they still have a beach – I respect that.

Well it looks like my fantasy is about to come true because you can stay in a Spongebob-esque pineapple, courtesy ofNickelodeon and Nick Resort Punta Cana. You can find it in the Dominican Republic and stay there for $3,800 a night… looks like my dreams aren’t coming true.

Spongebob lives in some serious luxury, guys. How does flipping burgers pay for all of that?! He’s good at his job, don’t get me wrong but, come on, this house is something else!

I suppose it sort of works…

At first I was annoyed about how this plastic pineapple was so much more luxurious than my (or anyone else’s) house but then I realised there’s like a whole house craftily hidden behind it. Very sneaky.

What do you think? Would you want to stay there? Let us know in the comments!

Images courtesy of NickResorts

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