Adorable: Children (and grown-up kids) celebrate May Day by hanging, decapitating Trump piatas


For those out there who aren’t woke, there’s a relatively new saying out there: America isn’t so much a melting potanymore as it is a salad. In a salad, you see, theingredients don’t melt together but remain distinct, retaining their unique flavors and yetcombiningto make a delicious whole. That metaphor isn’t just tedious; it’s incorrect. Take for example the melding of cultures that brought us one of America’s newest and most popular holiday staples: smashing a Donald Trump piata at any opportunity. Remember back in 2015 when the group Deport Racism released its video of foul-mouthed kids flipping off Trump and whacking away at a piata in his image? That celebration is still going strong, and was a feature of Monday’s May Day rallies.

File any of these under, “Imagine if this were Obama.”

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