Adele Doesn’t Have Time For Your Judgemental Bullshit


The more Adele does, the more I kind of, like, really really like her. Whether it be twerking on accident at her concert and then totally calling herself out on it, or calling terrorists “fuckers,” she’s kind of a betch goddess. Let’s not forget her eyeliner is always on point. What’s not to love?

I love her even more now that she basically told people to STFU about other people’s parenting choices.

Last Tuesday, while performing at London’s 02, she had an informal Q&A where someone asked her about “breastfeeding mummies.” (Backstory: Celeb chef Jamie Oliver made some comments earlier in the week about how every mom should breastfeed because it’s like, so totes easy.) Still a weird premise for a question at a concert, but whatever.

Adele fired back saying,

She continued on about the struggles she had breastfeeding her own son.

Adele deserves a fucking slow clap for that one. Whether it be that you don’t want your nipples to look like pink Good and Plentys for the rest of your life, or your body just shuts down that option, or any other reason, choosing not to breastfeed seems like a valid choice to me. Squeezing a human life out of your vagina is punishment enough. You shouldn’t have to endure shaming from other mothers on either side of the debate.

Besides, they make like a Keurig thing for formula now. How could you not use that? What a time to be alive.

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