Adam Sandler Found His Doppelganger On Reddit And Things Got Awesome


I’ve always wondered whether celebrities, politicians or just generally non-average people browse the internet in the same way us normal people do. Do they read all of their twitter mentions? Stalk their exes? Procrastinate and scroll through Reddit?

Well, we know the answer when it comes to Adam Sandler – he’s a Redditor. Or, at least someone on his PR team is anyway.

Sandler has very recently made a new movie, in which his character is called Max Kessler. It gets interesting when you find out there’s a real life ‘Max Kessler’.

Actually, that’s a lie. It gets interesting when you realise the real life Max Kessler actually looks a lot like Adam Sandler. Mind = blown.

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And he even posted his ID to prove his name:

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Despite the pair being about 20 years apart in terms of age, the resemblance is pretty striking. If I were Max, I would be asking my mother about her celebrity flings…

Kesslers post has since been viewed nearly 7.5 million times, but most importantly by the Sandler himself.

He responded with:

What a challenge. Max stood up to the table and responded with:

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Sandler, not wanting to be outdone, pulled the ‘I’m-a-celebrity-who-goes-to-cool-stuff’ card and invited Max to the film premiere:

And then, the pinnacle of this internet-based dream, Max went to the premiere and this photo happened:

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Sandler allegedly referred to him as theyounger better looking version of me, and even gave him the nickname Maxy. He’s living the dream.

And jut because the internet loves conspiracy theories; does anyone else think it seems too good to be true? #PRstunt.

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