Aaron Carter Says He’s Getting Death Threats Over His Trump Tweet


Here comes Round 2.

When singer Aaron Carter tweeted his support for Donald Trump over the weekend, he wasn’t thinking about how the Twitterverse would react. But, oh boy, did they.

Shortly after sending that endorsement, Carter went on the defensive and sent out a barrage of additional tweets defending his view. Now, though, the 28-year-old is speaking out about the aftermath of the social media firestorm over his tweet, telling WhereAreTheyNow.buzz that the reaction has been outrageous.

“I’ve had fans send me death threats, tell me people are gonna shoot me, stab me with needles at my show,” Carter says in the above video, before turning directly to the camera. “But I don’t care because you ain’t gonna do nothing to me.”

Carter then explains exactly why he supports Trump — even though he disagrees with several of the candidate’s views.

“I’m in a 40 percent tax bracket and I appreciate Donald Trump’s sense of business,” he says. “Do I support … gay marriage being banned? No. Do I think that a wall should be built? No. Do I feel like Donald Trump will make America great again? Absolutely I do.” 

The controversy and aggression over this whole thing, he adds, is uncalled for.

“I don’t need people freaking bullying me around and giving me death threats and calling me a meth head and telling me I’m broke and I have no career, so I have to take a picture with a $10,000 stack of money to, like, show you that I’m not,” Carter says. “The man is trying to make taxes better for people who don’t make that much income, come on. I know what I’m talking about.”

If you think this is where the conversation ends, think again.

“Those are my views. They’re my own,” Carter says. “I’m not gonna shut up.”

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