A Big Butt Is A Healthy Butt: Girls With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier


It turns out a nice, robust derriere is more than only a sexual attraction turn on, but an actual indicator of increased intelligence, and an indicator for chronic illness resistance!

This interesting news comes straight from scientists from the University of Oxford who found out these remarkable traits exist with women who have big butts.

Turns out, women with bigger than average behinds have lower levels of cholesterol and metabolize sugar better as they are more likely to produce hormones. So that means they are less likely to experience things like heart problems and diabetes.

The larger derriere requires an excess of Omega 3 fats. These have been shown to catalyze brain development. Also discovered was something interesting in regards to children who were born to women with wider than normal hips. They were actually intellectually superior to children with slimmer and less curvy mommies!

Apparently the data reports consisted of 16,000 women examined. The analyse found that the hormone responsible for regulating weight, leptin, and the hormone dinopectina, which has anti-inflammatory and vascular-protective, anti diabetic attributes, these levels were all favored towards big butt woman.

On top of those findings, is the discovery that the adipose tissue in the butt actually traps the harmful fatty particles and this ends up avoiding cardiovascular disease.

Theres even been previous surveys in California and Pittsburgh universities which indicated bigger reared, wider hipped and smaller waist women may live longer.

Now the study did not cover fake butts, or plastic surgery enhanced rear ends, but one could probably be considered that these benefits were only attributed to the real deal big butt women. Pretty astounding to find out that not only are big butts incredibly attractive, but they are incredibly intelligent as well!

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