95-Year-Old Woman Uses Lottery Winnings To Join 21st Century


A lucky Connecticut woman who recently won a cool $30,000 with her scratch-off ticket habit says she’ll put the money to good use … by bringing herself into the 21st century. Ninety-five-year-old Ursula McCafferty of Canaan, Connecticut was scratching off a “3X The Cash” lotto ticket, something that’s a weekly ritual for her, when she realized she’d won big. 

“I didn’t believe it—I didn’t think it was real,” McCafferty told the Connecticut Lottery Corporation. 

Once it had all sunk in, the great-grandmother quickly began thinking about how she’d spend the cash. In the end, she decided to buy a great treat for herself: a new smartphone. 

The 95-year-old said she already owned a basic cell phone for emergencies but thought it was time to get with the times.

“I already have a computer and an iPad, so I wanted to have a good phone with me to take decent pictures when I see something,” she told TODAY. 

As for the rest of the funds, McCafferty says she’ll put the money in a trust for her future generations to have.

“I’m 95 and there’s not a hell of a lot more I can keep doing with it,” she said.


But not to worry, the spunky nonagenarian insists her new gadget won’t make her one of those annoying people who are constantly talking or texting. 

“I promise you I will not be one of these people diddling around with it and not even looking where they’re going,” she said. “That’s a terrible issue. The phone is supposed to be something for my convenience, nothing else.”

What a wise woman.

Congrats, Ursula!

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