7 Sexy Things To Wear That’ll Make You Feel Hotter Than Traditional Lingerie


Im a mega fan of anything that is unabashedly sexy, scandalous, slutty and erotic.

We were all born to have sex. Its part of our animalistic instinct to be teeming with the relentless desire to seduce and ravish.

Part of being a fully realized, multifaceted, healthy person is having a sex drive. But we live in this fast-paced internet world that can make us feel so disconnected from our humanity, let alone oursexuality.

I think were so pent-up all the time because as a culture, were not tapped into our emotional or sexual selves enough. When I really find myself raging out over little, stupid, menial things, I realize its because Im not in touch with my sexuality.

This is when I know its time to amp up the sex game.

Im a clothes whore,so when I want to feel sexy, the first thing I usually do is buy myself an exorbitantly pricedbra. But, Im bored of bras. Im bored of $50 bikini-cut, lace underwear, too. Im even sick of goddamn garter belts.

Peel off a girls clothes, and BAM: Shes wearing a matching sheer bra and panties set from Bloomingdales or some other typical department store. Ill press snooze and go back to sleep, thanks.

Its exactly what you would expect, and thats lame and boring. Sexiness lies in the unexpected.

So Ive been searching for ~new~ things to make me feel sexy in the bedroom. Ive been looking for more unexpected things that are more salacious and complex and sexually triggering than simple lingerie.

Here is what Im currently into that isnt just basic lingerie, babes:

1. Scandalous, bondage-inspired bodysuits

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