50 Cent Thinks Vivica A. Fox’s Comments About His Sexuality Feel ‘Like Desperation’


50 Cent has responded after ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox seemed to hint that he may be gay during a “Watch What Happens Live” interview earlier this week.

The 40-year-old rapper told US Weekly that he felt Fox’s comments were “crazy” and “out of nowhere.” 

“I dont know, it feels like desperation,” he said. “It feels like [shes] searching for attention at that point because I havent dealt with her in 10 years, 11 years.”

His latest take, however, is considerably more reserved than his initial response. When the story first broke, 50 Cent lashed out by sharing explicit details about the couple’s sexual history in an Instagram post that appears to have since been deleted. 

The rapper, who has sparked controversy in the past for remarks that some interpreted as homophobic, told Us Weekly that he hopes gay consumers will enjoy his new Frigo undergarments line.

“I thought it would be really attractive to the gay community because they’re so conscious of their clothing,” he said. “If it’s not cool with them, it’s going to not be so cool.”
Fox prompted speculation over her ex’s sexuality during her Nov. 8 “Watch What Happens Live” appearance. The 51-year-old actress, who is slated to appear on Fox’s “Empire,” was asked what she thought about 50 Cent implying that the hit series had suffered a ratings slip because of its gay content

 “First of all, you know, pot calling the kettle black is all I’m saying,” she quipped. When “Live” host Andy Cohen pressed her further, Fox clarified that 50 Cent wasn’t gay, but added, “I mean, he just seems like he’s got something that’s not quite clear.”

It isn’t the first time that 50 Cent’s sexuality has been questioned. In 2011, fellow rapper Game seemed to hint that 50 Cent was gay when he responded to a TMZ article on Twitter. 

And the beat goes on, folks.

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