5 Ways To Get Skinny By Coachella


Coachellaisnt only about wearing a flower crown and begrudglingly dancing to Lady Gaga’s new mediocre album while you take a shot for every time you wish she was Beyonc. Okay, it is. But still, Coachellais one of the betchiest festivals of the year, so when you/your ex look back on your Instas you’ll want to remember how good you looked in that bodysuit and not how much you resembled a sausage in casing. And how much fun you had. We guess.

With this important festivaljust over a week away, its time to get your shit together so you can look as good as possible in your XXS jean shorts and midriff baring crop top. Festival outfits are obv revealing AF, and to pull one off, you either have to have the genes of Kendall Jenner, or start prepping, like last month. If you procrastinated, all hope is not lost. You don’t have to break out the maxi dress just yet. Here are five steps you need to take to get skinny by weekend one:

1. Cut Out Salt

If youre dieting, you might be looking at the calories and fat content on the things youre eating, but if youre not looking at the sodium count, youre making a HUGE mistake. HUGE. Salt sneaks its way into all the foods we love (because we can’t have nice things), so cutting salt out completely will be a tough one. But it’s pretty doable if you read the nutrition labels on things and stop fucking adding extra salt to your food. You do not need it. Add some lemon juice if your shit’s super bland. Your tastebuds might be temporarily mad but sodium makes you bloat and your tummy will thank me.

2. Skip the Juice Cleanse

Weve gone over this a ton of times, but we cant stress it enough: the juice cleanse is not your answer to a good body. By restricting yourself to just juices, your body will grasp onto any fat source it can find, and youll end up gaining weight as soon as you eat something, even if its healthy. Plus, when vegetables and fruits are juiced, a lot of their nutrients are lost in the process, so youre basically eating kale minus the health benefits, which makes about as much sense as drinking decaf coffee.

3. Be Careful of Sneaky Culprits

Were talking about anything from fattening salad dressing, to white breaded croutons, to heavy sauces, to the Diabetes-filled syrup in your PSL. Eating healthy isnt only about ordering a salad or filling up on low-cal snacks. You dont have to be a crazy person all year-round, but if you really want to change your body before Coachella, be super careful with the extra calories here and there.

4. Eat At Home

On that same note, its important to realize that restaurants add so many ingredients to dishes that make them more fattening than you think. Put your Seamless account on hold for the week and buy some groceries like a goddamn adult. By cooking for yourself, you can know exactly what youre putting in your own food, and you can avoid that extra spoonful cup of butter the diner wouldve spread on your omelet.

5. Embrace The Cardio + Weights Combo

SO SORRY to tell you youll have to move your body to look good, but you do. Eating healthy will only take you so far. Sure, you can starve yourself and get skeletal skinny, but by properly exercising with a routine of cardio and strength-training, youll look toned AF in your outfit. See those abs peering under your bralette and bodychain? Youre welcome.

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