5 Tried-And-Tested Ways To Save Enough Money To Travel The World


There isnt a Millennial among us who hasnt dreamed of quitting his or her day job and traveling the world. While this dream is achievable for some, its not always an option for everyone else.

Whether youre saving up for a weekend or a year, here are five tried-and-true methods I have for you to save money for travel:

1. Reduce or eliminate your rent.

Move back home with mom and dad, or try grandma.

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Move in with anyone who is willing to hook you up with a bedroom for less than whatever youre paying now.

Rent is the single largest expense most people have, and reducing or eliminating your rent even for a few months can help you save enough for your dream vacation whether its skiing in the Alps, bicycling in Austria or surfing in Bali.

2. Stop eating out.

They arent kidding when they sayyour Starbucks habit adds up. Its easy to spend a little money here and there, but do you really know how much youre wasting on coffee?

Would you rather spend $25 this week for coffee on your commute, or enjoy a cappuccino and Cornetto every morning in the piazza in Rome? The choice is yours.

Prepare your own meals and pack snacks for when youre tempted to grab something on the go. And dont worry: You can still socialize with your friends by having them over for dinner.

Host a potluck, or try making new cocktails at home. By eating in every night, not only will you honeyour cooking skills, eat healthierand save money, but youll also appreciate the homemade carbonara in Rome that much more.

3. Start a side hustle or two.

Have you heard of Upwork? Once you complete your profile, you can start applying for side gigs. They have a ton of options, including data entry, design, fact-checking and copywriting.

The best part? You can do them on your own time, from the comfort of your own home.

Or are you more of a hands-on kind of laborer? Check out Craiglistfor local listings, or pick up a couple of shifts at a restaurant as a hostess or server.

The best part about working in a restaurant is the cash in your hand. When youre at the open market in Barcelona, youll be glad you worked the extra hours.

4. Unsubscribe. save money for travel

Are you serious about traveling, or are you serious about Shameless? All those subscriptions every month are costing you big money.

Cancel all your magazines. (Heard of the internet?)

Get rid of your cable subscription theres nothing on TV anyway.

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Unsubscribe from all your streaming services. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon and even Spotify are all costing you too much money every month.

Even entertainment junkies can strengthen their friendships by using their friends accounts, or watchingshows together now and again.

5. Sell your stuff.

List your old furniture and appliances on Craigslist. Also, eBayisnt free, but it can be great for selling stuff of higher value, like any collectibles you have.

Try Facebook to sell books, movies and video games to the friends in your network. For selling clothing, hit up consignment shops like PlatosCloset, or use services like ThredUp.

Sorting your old clothes makes you realize how much junk youve accumulated over the years, and will leave you surprised at how much you just dont wear.

With all that new space in your closet, youll be able to justify buying that new Italian leather bag youll inevitably fall in love with in Florence.

These methods are basic, but theyre tried and true trust me. Youll bebeachside in Valencia before you know it.

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