5 Productive Things To Do Instead Of Tossing And Turning When You Can’t Sleep


Out of all the times to be tired, your body chose this time.

You know, just eight or so hours before you have to wake up and do something important in the morning.

It always happens that way, doesnt it?

I know it sucks, you know it sucks, but there are things you can do to calmyour mind and find your way right back into that sleep-induced state.


Lets get a bit creative with this bedtime ritual, shall we?

1.Read A Book

I dont know about you, but reading is my number one way to fall asleep when Im feeling restless.

It soothes me, transports me to another world, and before I know it, Im fast asleep.

I guess Im not alone since, according to research from the University of Sussex, reading can actually help reduce stress levels. The simple idea of being taken into a fictional world can be enough to ease tension in both the muscles and the heart.

2.Write In A Journal

If your mind wont stop racing when you try to put yourself to bed, this may be the best time to get mindful and reflect on your day.

Journaling has a way of opening your heart and allowing yourself to really connect with your soul. Before you know it, mentally reviewing your day will turn into an hour of debriefing your entire life.

By the time you complete your journal entry, youll feel like you just let goof a ton of stress.

The next time something heavy is weighing you down right before bed, whip out a pen and some paper, and just let it out.

3.Complete Those Small Tasks You Never Get Around To During The Day

You know, like finally penning your friend that letter youve been wanting to write since she moved away last year. Or even more mundane tasks, like going through the fridge and throwing out all the food thats gone bad.

Its usually at this time of the night that you remember everything that you were supposed to do that you didnt do anyway.

You might as well put your restlessness to good use.


Yes, as in that thing youtend to avoid during the day because it just seems too tedious.

Now is literally the time to do it, and you have noexcuse at all not to. Meditation can put you in such a trance-like state, you end up falling asleep.

According to a study published in , mindful meditation can help improve the quality of your sleep at night.

Dont sleep on meditation (or, actually, maybe you should sleep on meditation) just a couple of breathe-in-breathe-outs will do you and your body a world of good.

5. Bedtime Yoga

Ive made friends (in my head) with YouTube yoga guru, Yoga with Adriene, simply because she has yoga videos.

Her voice is beyond soothing, her videos are very easy to follow, and she provides yoga practices for every occasion, including for when its time to lay your headdown for bedtime.

With the help of Adrienes yoga sequences, its no surprise that yoga helps to lessen the severity of insomnia. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, over 55 percent of individuals who do yoga report improvements in their sleep.

A restless night may feel like the worst thing to ever happen to you, but when all is said and done, its really all about making the most out of thattime.

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