5 Crazy Things People Have Done To Rig Elections In The U.S.


As election day looms near, there are whisperings all across the country that this year’s election is being rigged in favor of the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump has claimed that the election is being unfairly taken from him just because he’s polling poorly. The Republican Party nominee thinks that nearly two million deceased people are still on voter registration lists, which is true, but those people are not voting.

Another concern of the presidential contender is that a large amount of undocumented immigrants are casting votes that are illegally being counted. Perhaps the Donald has been watching one too many episodes of “Scandal,” because according to FactCheck.org, these accusations are 100 percent bogus.

That being said, people have managed to rig elections with truly bizarre tactics over the years. Here are five of the weirdest.

1. 1876 Presidential Election

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When Republican nominee Rutherford B. Hayes won the 1870 election, Democrats fired back. Hayes won the election by just one electoral vote. The Democratic party accused the opposing party of rigging the election down South.

Democrat-heavy polling locations were open in the early hours of the morning and set up as far away from public roads as possible by Republican officials. This kept many voters with small children from turning out. Convicted criminals were also given the special privilege of voting, something that was not traditionally done.

Republicans also used African-American voters to their advantage in places like Louisiana. Party supervisors issued many African-Americans additional voting ballots to account for both white and black men that died prior to the election.

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2. 1960 Presidential Election

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Considered one of the closest elections in U.S. history, votes were separated by just one-tenth of a percentage point. The turning point in the election between JFK and Richard Nixon was voting in Texas and Illinois. With Lyndon Johnson as his ticket mate, Kennedy was guaranteed to pull the Texas voters his way. While Kennedy’s margin in Texas was large, the fight in Illinois was much closer.

Kennedy had a long-standing relationship with Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancana. Kennedy went on to win the windy city by more than 450,000 votes, but exact numbers weren’t revealed by the mayor until the day after the election.

Kennedy wasn’t the only candidate supposedly rigging that year’s election. Nixon also played dirty. A reporter for the New York Herald Tribune reported a list of voters from Chicago and cross-referenced their addresses. Many of the names appeared to be taken directly from tombstones in a local cemetery. One particular address was registered with over 50 voters. The Nixon Campaign denied knowledge of unlawful activity.

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