25 Gifts Teachers Would Rather Have Than the Usual Crap


1) This personalized sign is like the Serenity Prayer for educators.

There is no way to fully show the gratitude that parents (and most students) have for the work that teachers do. Day in and day out they spend their time (and often their own money) to educate the youth of today while trying to keep order in the classroom and a little bit of their sanity.

So when it comes to holiday gifts, what do you do? Obviously every teacher is different in what they would like and every family is different in what they can provide. Supplies are always in demand, and they probably have enough coffee mugs and homemade art to last them until retirement.

But its often the thought that counts, so these thoughtful (and practical) gifts will help you earn a little extra credit.

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2) Because they need all the energy they can get coffee cards.

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3) A thinly veiled threat disguised as a stylish T-shirt.

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4) They can always use basic supplies, so personalize the tag and leave your mark.

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5) Yes, they could set the cup on the desk, but how many times will that precious bean juice be tipped over? ZERO with this holder.

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6) Yes, coffee is great, but a personalized gift card to the local bar or liquor store is probably a little more practical.

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7) This pad will help them always follow the (not-so-much-a-lesson) plan.

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8) A recycled Crystal Light container, a printed label, and Sharpies create a gift that hits the mark.

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9) Have some scary fun with monster stamps to get your point across.

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10) LEGO my bookends!

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11) You’re gonna need a bigger stapler

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12) “Don’t be a psycho” seems like a good mantra for any classroom.

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13) It’s always a good idea to have a little fun with learning and words, even if they are a bit silly.

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14) A great gift that teachers can use in the classroom or at home, this set of customized bookplates only requires that you hit “print.”

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15) Yes, it’s gum. But it’s also personalized and a little treat they won’t have to buy for themselves.

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16) Not only does it hold your beverage of choice, it also sends a silent warning.

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17) Never lose your place again when you’re reading with bookmarks that point out the exact spot you were at when those pesky kids asked “questions” and “needed to go to the bathroom.”

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18) T-shirts speak louder than words.

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19) This engraved pen is one they won’t be loaning out to the kids who forgot their pens along with their homework.

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20) Sorry, but your kids are snotty and germy. Send a peace offering in the form of personalized soap and sanitizer.

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21) File these under, well, “files you need to add to your collection.”

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22) Use old rulers and add pictures or small blackboards to create thoughtful holiday ornaments or picture frames.

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23) In case all the outlets are used in the classroom, this Mophie Back-Up Charger Keychain lets them juice up their cellphones and fits right on a keychain.

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24) Everyone needs a place to vent, right? This journal is just the place for that…or lesson plan notes. Whatever.

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25) And if you want to create a fun “this is a huge basket of thoughtful things we bought at the dollar store we hope you can use, please pass my child this year” gift, throw it all in a plastic container and you’re good-to-go.

Aced it!

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