24 Facts From A Little Known Indie Film That You May Not Have Heard About


Are people still talking about Star Wars? It is 38-years-old so we couldn’t have just missed the boat, could we?

We’ll quickly test it. We say Millennium, you say…

If you said “Falcon”, carry on to read some of the lesser known Star Wars facts in the world of… Star Wars.

1. In the prequels, it was just because the scripts were so bad…

2. And the next one was called Something Something Something Dark Side..?

3. Let’s all be thankful this didn’t happen.

4. Except for all of the fan-made ones.

5. Fun fact: her mum is actressDebbie Reynolds

6. Buffy the Sith Slayer

7. Pretty much the same thing.

8. Oh…. yeah….

9. It’s uncanny!

10. After all the stuff he said about the force.

11. That’s howRevenge of the Sith got its name.

12. How did anyone think they were cool?!

13. You would have thought someone would have introduced tape into the equation…

14. The more I hear about Lucas…

15. And we still trust their soul-less eyes.

16. Pfft. Was hardly worth it.

17. To be fair, we don’t think we’d be able to help ourselves.

18. If you look closely, you can see an AT-AT in the background.

19.Let the frozen peas flow through you!

20. #FreeTheWookie

21. Darth Maul spoke?

22. So a hamburger floating through a load of potatoes?

23. Apparently it was to do with low pay.

24. But I and II were so good?!

Well now you know. Yoda could have been a monkey named buffy.

Star Wars, people. Star Wars.

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