2016 Republican Contenders Silent On Planned Parenthood Shooting


Republican presidential hopefuls were noticeably silent about a fatal shooting that took place at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

All three of their Democratic counterparts tweeted in support of the organization during and after Friday’s attack, which left three people dead and nine others injured.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was the only one of the major GOP candidates to comment 😛 TAGEND

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul instead tweeted about his own Black Friday marketings 😛 TAGEND
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush published an sentiment piece about Obama’s foreign policy 😛 TAGEND

Donald Trump expended the evening( and Saturday morning) touting upcoming campaign events and complaining about a New York Times reporter.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted about his campaign’s new cold-weather gear 😛 TAGEND

Ben Carson was off Twitter and in Jordan visiting a refugee camp.

All of the major 2016 Republican hopefuls describe themselves as anti-abortion. Some, like Paul, Rubio and Cruz, have attempted to strip federal funding for Planned Parenthood, citing heavily edited videos that emerged earlier this year claiming to show the nonprofit’s employees selling fetal tissue for profit. A congressional inquiry into the videos did not find any evidence of wrongdoing.

Earlier this year, Rubio wondered why more Americans don’t get “fired up” about Planned Parenthood’s “dead babies.”

Police said Friday that they did not yet know the shooter’s motive, or whether he was specifically targeting Planned Parenthood.

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