15 Booty Exercises That Will Help You Ultimately Get A Butt Like JLo


Everybodywants a bubble butt.

Between Kim Kardashian flashing her cheek in Instagram snapshots and JLo wearing her much-lauded“naked” dress on red carpet, we’re thirsty for apple bottoms.

Regular women invest in spandex leggings and weighted squatting bars, but it doesn’t always pay off.

Frankly, we don’t all want to waist develop our bodies into submission the way the Kardashians have.

The product review community We Are Top 10 combed through its top rated fitness posts, choosing the ones most likely to have you taking “belfies”( butt selfies, for those in the know ).

Being a big booty girl isn’t just about esthetics, either. Study demonstrate women who carry fat below thewaistare actually healthier and give birth to more intelligent children.

Ready to get a little “Jenny from the Block”? We got you.

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